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Tel Hai – Day Four

It was a rainy start to our day. We awoke to quite a downpour of what we love to call here at Camp Tel Hai, liquid sunshine.

We were a little soggy as we walked into our breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. Because of the weather, our schedule was a little different than a normal Thursday. We still wore our tie-dye though! 🙂

At our opening session, we sang amazing music. Several counselors sang a special song about a bananas. Pick banana, pick, banana, pick, pick banana and so on the song goes.

Miss Laura shared today a great lesson about the enemy’s fiery d-darts. See he tries to divide, destroy, discourage, cause doubt, and do wrong. He shoots these darts, and the only way to defend yourself is to use the shield of faith. “Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.” Ephesians 6:16 Let’s just say if there were real fiery darts today, they definitely would have been quenched at chapel time. We ate some yummy brownies to remind us that even a little doggie-doo-doo in the mix ruins the whole batch. Just like when we try to watch or play things that have just a little bit of bad stuff that does not please God, the little bit ruins the whole thing.

Electives were a little different during period one and two because of the wet weather. Some of us spend some fun time in the gym or the chapel playing games. Period three was not affected by the rain so all electives ran as planned.

We had a great evening of worship, game show and skit. We enjoyed a refreshment and drink before an epic slideshow of pictures from the week. A volunteer puppet team performed a song called Smile. It did just that.

We ended the night early to ensure that we could have a clean and restful night. There is still a big day of camp tomorrow that we can’t wait for. We are excited to see all of you again, but leaving may be hard too. We have really enjoyed so much of our time and made memories and decisions that will last a lifetime. Good Night!


Tel Hai – Day Three

Waking up on this beautiful Wednesday morning here at camp was nothing short of a miracle. God has truly been blessing us with sun sparkling weather. The air was crisp as we prepared for a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.

At morning session we discovered two new pieces of the armor of God. The breastplate of righteousness and the shoes of peace (feet shod with the gospel of peace). Knights knew that it was important to protect their hearts from harm during battle. So they wore a piece of armor called a breastplate. Similarly, the breastplate of righteousness also protects us in battle. This breastplate of RIGHTteousness helps us to do right.

Electives were a blast with explosive sidewalk chalk, soccer olympics, ceramics started painting their creations today, samba sensation in Zumba class, and so much more!

Dinner was pizza! Boy o boy was it good! What an amazing kitchen staff hear at Tel Hai! We are so thankful for them, and their excellent meals extradinair.

Early special we played “dragon dash!” A rowdy game, where the counselors are dragons protecting their eggs that the campers want to steal.

Late special wrapped up this fun filled day with an evening pool dip! Boys and girls split up for a special evening swim, and mini golf/game time.

There is so much to be thankful for here at camp, but the most important thank you goes to God, who has been working in the hearts of your precious children. We are honored to be messengers for Him this week, and we are praying that lives will continue to be changed by Him. We so enjoyed this day together and are excited for what will come in the morning! We all send our love and smiles from here to there.


Tel Hai- Day Two!

What an amazing day here at Camp Tel Hai. The weather was beautiful. The campers were pumped. The food was good. The slip and slide tug of war was epic. Let’s just say it was a great day.

We started spending some quality time with our Lord and Savior. We sang some fun songs and learned about how much God loves us. He had a great plan to rescue us from the bad kingdom by sending His son to die on the cross and shed his perfect blood. He didn’t stay dead; He rose again three days later conquering death and the evil kingdom. Ultimately giving us a way to be a part of God family. All we have to do is Admit we are a sinner. Believe that Jesus was born, lived a perfect life and died to take our place, and forever receive his gift of eternal life.

We enjoyed several electives from boating, crazy concoctions, swim games, zumba, archery, b.b. guns, challenge course, horsemanship, and arts and crafts to name a few. We rested and enjoyed our time with our cabins.

For early special we had a slip and slide tug of war which ended with one of the largest slip and slides, bubbles and shaving cream of all time.

Our story continued tonight in the King’s Manor. The brothers Richard and Robert were up to their crazy antics while the evil queen Morinda made her entrance into the castle to slowly and secretly take over.

What a game show. Are you smarter than a KNIGHT of the King? How well have you been listening so far this week? It was a fun way for all of us to review some really important things that we have been learning already.

One camper commented near the end of the evening that he might be a “little, just a smidge” tired. It was a packed day. We loved every minute of it! 🙂


Tel Hai Camp – 2013 Battle for Truth – Day One

We had an excellent day today with your campers. At opening session we talked a lot about the different expectations for the campers and learned our theme for the week the “Battle for Truth.” We are talking about two kingdoms God’s Good Kingdom and the Devil’s Evil Kingdom. Today we got a quick look at the trickster that the Devil can be as he presented himself to Adam and Eve and tempted them and they chose to sin. Sin is anything you think, say or do that does not please God, and we are all sinners born into the “bad kingdom.” God cannot have that sin with Him, and we are going to continue to learn about how God made a plan so that we can escape the punishment for our sin and be with Him forever. Not only did we play an amazing charge game, eat a fabulous dinner, but we also played “minute to win it,” searched for counselors in the dark, hopefully took showers, and are now cozy resting in our beds. Goodnight knights and maidens until tomorrow fair the well.


“Fried” day is here!

Yes it’s Fried day (AKA Friday). Campers are tired and so are the counselors BUT THERE IS STILL MORE FUN TO HAVE before everyone goes home tonight.

Here are some of the highlights of the day thus far.

See you tonight mom and dad!

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How Jesus and the Sham Wow Guy are Alike (and not alike)

How do you know who to believe and what to believe?

Would you buy a product without knowing what it’s supposed to do? The success of all those “As Seen on TV” products is that they ‘demonstrate’ what the product says it will do. After seeing how amazing the Sham -Wow is, you just have to get one for yourself. Right?

Faith works the same way. From the earliest chapters of Genesis, throughout the Old Testament and into the Gospels, the Bible talks about Jesus. When Jesus was born of a virgin (as it was predicted) and came to Earth He said some pretty crazy stuff about Himself. Stuff like He was the Light of the world; like all who believe in Him will never die; like He and God were one in the same.

So listening to Jesus 2,000 years ago was like watching some of these info commercials. You wonder if they really do what they say they will do. They listened to Him with a degree of doubt.  What if He is the Messiah?

So the Sham Wow guy is like Jesus because both of them made crazy claims. But only one of them backed up their claims with such certainty as Jesus did.

We taught the campers on Wednesday that Jesus rose from the dead so we would know He is God. In other words, Jesus demonstrated that all He said about Himself was true when He came back from the dead three days later.

No other god has ever done that. No other ‘info product’ ever lived up to it’s claims like Jesus did to His.

So we can have faith in Christ because He did what he said He was going to do. Matter of fact, He did so much more than we could ever dream.

Have you investigated the claims of Christ? Where is your faith for the afterlife? If you have never checked out Jesus and would like to, a great place to start is in the book of John in a bible. Or you could just click here to find the book of John online in an easy to read version. This sight has the book in several languages as well.

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“Tireday” Highlights

Yes, Thursdays are known as “Tiredays” here at Adventure Camp. These campers are beginning to drag some, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at these pictures!!

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We saw a lot of these today!

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What is there to do at Adventure Camp?

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Things You See at Adventure Camp!

There’s a lot to see at camp. Like the boy in the lunch line that was showing off the goose poop on his leg. Cool, huh!! And those things are memory makers and stuff they’ll be telling you about in the car on the way home.

Then there’s the stuff you REALLY want to see happen at camp. Check out these photos to see some of them!

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